We believe that a strong support for the best corporate governance practices in the Baltics is essential for increasing the competitiveness of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian businesses and for securing a sustainable economic growth in the region. And we believe that our members can play a valuable role in driving the necessary change.

Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance (BICG) has two main categories of members.


We invite companies that share our aim to have an active corporate governance agenda in the Baltics to join and support the BICG in one of the three membership categories, depending on the level of contribution. Development corporate members pay an annual membership fee of 5.000 Euro, Baltic corporate members pay an annual membership fee of 3.000 Euro, and National corporate members pay an annual membership fee of 1.000 Euro.

All prospective corporate members must accept the Statutes of the BICG and be approved by the Board of the BICG.


Graduates of the BICG board member education are eligible to become individual members of the BICG. Individual members pay an annual membership fee of 100 Euro.

Member activities

During the Annual General Meeting of the BICG, members elect the Board, approve the annual financial and activity reports.

During the year, the BICG also hosts a number of other events for members and other stakeholders. Many members have been involved in creating the Institute’s policy and research work.