Black Swans in the Boardroom

Black Swans in the Boardroom

Held on April 22nd, the Annual Corporate Governance Conference by the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance (BICG) focused on ‘Black Swans in the Boardroom’ this year, as multiple disruptive events that might have previously been thought to happen once a decade are now happening simultaneously and all businesses have to learn and adapt with both foresight and agility.

“Being in charge of the strategic direction and the very survival of companies, Boards bear the main responsibility for dealing with all major disruptions by understanding their long-term impact and helping the management in navigating it short-term”, says Rytis Ambrazevičius, President of the BICG.

Some of the recent black swans in the Baltics and elsewhere discussed during the conference include geopolitical issues, breakdown in supply chains, skyrocketing cost of energy, ongoing pandemic and various other transformation processes, including push for sustainability.

Full recording & program of the conference is now available here.