New logo

New logo

Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance (BICG) is excited to introduce a new logo that both offers simplicity and echoes key ascpets in the BICG activities.

„BICG is a Baltic organisation promoting good corporate governance across private and state-controlled businesses with emphasis on the importance of professional and independent Boards. And the triple „B“ in our new logo reflects just that – Baltic, Business, Boards“, says Rytis Ambrazevičius, President of the BICG.

New logo is a minimalistic design in an understated golden color with dark grey lettering on preferred white background, with colors chosen both for their classic simplicty and association with long-term value.

Good corporate governance creates long-term value by encouraging competent oversight, transparency and accountability in all companies and organisations, which, in turn, builds trust, helps attract the best talent and better financing opportunities, resulting in improved effectiveness, competitiveness and sustainable value creation.

Established in 2009, the BICG is setting the agenda for corporate governance development in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for over a decade.

Such initiatives of the BICG as increased transparency and efficiency in state-controlled companies, including advocacy for independent Boards, as well as good governance guidelines for private businesses are now acknowledged for their benefit in creating better Baltic business environment.

“While change is sometimes hard to achieve, focusing on long-term perspective helps to ensure the progress towards a permanent improved corporate governance culture”, says Mr Ambrazevičius.

BICG is the competence center for creating well-governed businesses and stronger economies in the Baltics. It is an association working to ensure that private and state-owned companies are governed competently, transparently, with a high standard of accountability and are successful long-term. It is achieved through policy advocacy, best practice recommendations, education programs and other initiatives.